TSO21 - 20 litre - Wide Cut - 68mm - O Gauge
TSO21 - 20 litre - Wide Cut - 68mm - O Gauge
TSO21 - 20 litre - Wide Cut - 68mm - O Gauge
TSO21 - 20 litre - Wide Cut - 68mm - O Gauge
TSO21 - 20 litre - Wide Cut - 68mm - O Gauge

TSO21 - 20 litre - Wide Cut - 68mm - O Gauge

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Our 20 litre White box (TSO21) is designed for storing and transporting your O-gauge model railway stock. Its wide-cut slots (slot width 68 mm) mean it is ideal for wagons and low-height stock with maximum height of 60mm.

The Box

  • Made from durable plastic, the box is stackable which is ideal for long-term storage in a range of environments. 
  • Handles make the box less cumbersome and easy to transport - perfect for taking your stock to the railway club or to exhibitions. 
  • Also available in ‘White - Extra Strong’ - these boxes feature a reinforced design, making them especially suited to those who are often on the go with their railway stock.
  • (L) 710mm x (W) 420mm x (D) 120mm

The Inserts

  • 15mm top layer and 15mm base layer for extra protection. 
  • 60mm middle layer: this has 4 slots cut into it (slot width 68mm, slot length 560mm), in which you can safely store your O-gauge stock by removing the foam slot inserts. These inserts come with pre-cut groves, making them easy to cut to ‘buffer’ your stock to stop it rolling in transit. 

What else is included?

  • Labels to help keep track of your stock
  • Plastic tubing to give your stock added protection in transit
  • Silica gel - ideal for long term storage

Stacking up on Sustainability

  • Our supply chain is totally UK-based, which supports British businesses and cuts out unnecessary air-miles 
  • Once your Trainsporters box reaches the end of its life, the box and all its components are fully recyclable


  • Standard UK delivery is included on all orders

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