About Us

"The Box Boys"

Carl Wegner

CarlLate 70s early 1980s was for me filled with great memories of day trips out around London by train underground and running for buses with my elder brother. The sound of a compressor the big old comfy seats with that musty old smell Fantastic. Taking the train to Clapham watching parcels trains being shunted. On to Willesden, Stratford, Barking all over London on a Capital Card for about £5! 1988 and I get onto a YTS with BR at Waterloo working on station duties Redstart Parcels train crew and then getting a job with track maintenance. I got in to model railways by my brother running his old Hornby stuff and then getting a Lima Class 33 freight set for Christmas and then it started to grow and grow. Lima at that time was great at keeping up with what BR was doing new liveries on loco etc.  Each month my go to mags were Rail and Motivepower keeping me up to date with all rail news and on the back the latest Lima stock to gloat over.  Blowing most of my wages at depot open days or railway exhibitions buying them all of which I still hold dearly. Beatties toys and models Kingston were another job I had upstairs with the trains, model cars, buses, and lorries etc.  Once again buying everything that I could from wage that I receive at the end of the month!!!  Long live Lima!



Tony Clarke

My first train set was a Christmas present, which quickly my Granddad said he would look after, that same Christmas he obtained my older cousins OO set and to the dismay of my Grandmother, promptly set up a layout on the kitchen worktops. They soon moved to a maisonette which had its own Train Room, double track complete circuit of what seemed like an enormous room, hours spent playing trains, been taken with birthday money to the local train shop in Berkhamsted and purchasing two carriages, which I still have. About this time, my other cousins had a decent sized layout which ran through their loft and into a bedroom, I can remember it, but don’t think I was allowed to control, just watch, another memory is my uncle Dennis, had a study, in a case was a GWR locomotive and one coach, always struck me how good this looked on the bookshelf.

My Grandad works for Smith’s and would often come home with rail magazines but for a birthday, a book about the Nicky Line, led to a lifelong interest in this line and one day I will model Hemel, as for the real thing, we would often travel by train to friends and the occasional visit to London through work would always mean a walk around as many stations as possible, but is still treasure the memory of a class 25, shunting two Parcels carriages at Hemel Postal siding, on a warm summers evening.

When we had a house in the west country the loft soon became a layout, though once again this is boxed away for another time, hence I soon joined Hillingdon Railway modellers, following a test track day, that’s how I got to meet Carl and Mark and the idea’s followed from this.



Mark Cronin

 Like Tony and Carl, I become very aware of their need to transport stock to and from exhibitions safely, while allowing them to quickly assemble the formations of their trains with minimum fuss.  Setting up Trainsporters, following the tremendous feedback we received from the O gauge team, has been a wonderful experience.  The focus of attention to detail and fitness for purpose of our product range means that we have something I believe stands us apart and will lead to even better products in the future.

As a long standing OO gauge modeller from about the age of three, I have also developed a healthy respect for the N and O gauges.  My focus is on the electronics side of the hobby and I like nothing better than designing and building circuits to compliment our layouts.  I look forward to meeting some of you in person at the various shows we exhibit at.  Please send us your constructive feedback regarding our products and any suggestions for new product designs.

Thanks are also due to the Guildford O Gauge Group who gave us our other name “The Box Boys”