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Latest from the Box Boys - we are taking part in the O Gauge Guild virtual show on 31st October - we have submitted an advert, which hopefully has a short video clip showing Tony and Mark, setting up on separate lines, a locomotive and five coaches (parcel vans) Tony unboxing each from their individual boxes, Mark using on of our boxes, getting the train set up was surprisingly close, putting away, a huge difference ! 

We have also submitted a short demonstration, where Carl is demonstrating the O gauge boxes, showing the difference in the heights of the foam between the 'red' and 'green' models - also how quick to get the trains onto track, utilising the sleeves as opposed to a re-railer unit 

Please check out the show 

stay safe,

best wishes the box boys



That's right, The Box Boys are embracing the digital world that we live in and getting online with a brand new website, offering the latest Trainsporter's News, an Online Store and loads of information on our product!

The website is still under development, so bear with us whilst we get this fully operational and keep checking back for new products, deals and updates!

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