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Dear All,

Here at Trainsporters we like to think we do what we say on the box i.e. Model Transportation.

In fact, Trainsporters is a name that was born out of the process that we went though to design what we believe to be very practical solutions for the storage and transportation of railway modelling products.

The background to Trainsporters is that three OO gauge railway enthusiasts, put our names down to help our club’s O gauge group with their exhibition layout ‘Grindley Brook’.  In doing so, after several outings we noticed a reoccurring problem.  It took many of the O gauge members a significant amount of time to unpack and assemble their train formations, ready for the next two or three days of running the layout.  Likewise, during the busy breakdown session at the end of the exhibition a great deal of time was spent in repacking each model into its appropriate box once the actual box was found!  This often delayed the dismantling of the layout and put the club members repacking their stock under pressure and causing them unnecessary stress.  This ultimately took away a lot of the pleasure gained from a successful show.  There had to be an easier way.

For some time, Tony, Carl and I had noticed the stock boxes, starting to appear for the OO gauge modellers.  Although we looked for a similar solution for the O gauge modellers, we could not find anything truly suitable.  Based on our experience and contacts in the packaging world we decided to put together a solution for our O gauge members.  That as they say is now history and it was very satisfying to see how word quickly spread and how quickly our product has been adopted by many other O gauge groups and modellers.  We have now also developed a 20-litre version of our boxes for OO gauge modellers and continue to work hard to perfect our storage and transportation systems.

The one thing that we strive for is to provide the very best product we can, for the very best price.  We are very keen to hear criticism good and bad, please make it constructive and we listen to all suggestions to make our products better.  Our complete website will be growing greatly over the next few weeks.  However, we wanted to launch our website this month and to give our customers a location to help understand what we do, why we do it and to help us develop our products into a really useful range of Model Transportation solutions.

With very best regards,


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